10+ “Me Vs Me One Second Later” Funny Comics That Everyone On The Planet Will Relate To

Hi! I’m Evisa and I’m the creator behind of this webcomic.

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I started this series to mostly satirize myself, cause there were many times when I said I would do something and then literally one second later, I would do the exact opposite of what I said.

After posting my comics on Instagram, I realized that I wasn’t the only one who did this, but also many people from all over the world totally related with the different situations I described. We aren’t that different after all.

What about you Pandas? Do you relate to any of the situations below?

I hope you enjoy reading my comics and I hope you have a good laugh! 🙂


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I Just Wanna Be A Sushi Roll

Which Is Your Favorite Season?

And Done!

Coffee Addiction

Party Animal #Not

When You’re Hungry And Go To The Supermarket + When You Spot Your Crush There

I’m Weak

The Best Advice EVER!



Help! I’ve Been Possessed By A Hormonal Demon

Chop Chop & Snip Snip

Instant Insect Trap

When Your Dog Watches Riverdale

Absolutely Necessary Stuff

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Author: Evisa Isabella Rose

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