Hunter Gets Crushed To Death By Elephant He Was Trying To Shoot, And Here’s How Internet Reacts

An Argentinian hunter named Jose Monzalvez was killed after being crushed by an elephant. The 46-year-old was part of a hunter group tracking an elephant herd in a private wildlife area in Namibia. One of the elephants is reported to have charged before the men could shoot, and that’s when the tragedy happened.

Relatives have been informed of the man’s death. It is known that Monzalvez had an official permit to hunt.

Still, the Internet’s reaction has been overwhelmingly negative, with many people expressing their disgust with the big game hunting. It is also worth noting it was not the first time a hunter was killed this year.

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Not too long ago, we wrote about a big game hunter who was killed by an elephant…


Image credits: Theunis Botha Big Game Safaris

Well, this happened again in Namibia, and this time the victim was a hunter named Jose Monzalvez

Image credits: ddefillipo

The man got crushed to death by an elephant while on a hunting trip

Image credits: Tom Schulze

Many people were enraged by this and expressed their anti-hunting views:

While others were on the hunter’s side:

And, of course, there were trolls:

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